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Dos and don’ts of whiplash injuries


Whiplash is a serious neck injury, which results in the hyperextension of the neck, and the stretching or tearing of the muscles. Sometimes this injury may also cause damage to the nerves while in extreme cases; the person may permanently damage his/her spine. One of the most common causes of whiplash injuries is automobile accidents where the driver’s head is snapped in the direction of the body’s momentum.

The symptoms of this injury include stiffness in the neck, headaches, or pain in the back muscles. Often, the symptoms do not occur immediately, which may cause a delay in treatment resulting in fatal outcomes. However, the condition needs adequate medical attention and it is recommended you file a claim for compensation for the whiplash injuries.

You must immediately seek medical help as you may remain unaware of the pain as you are trying to cope with the emotional turmoil caused due to the accident. Moreover, the pain due to whiplash neck injury increases gradually, which may also result in a delay. However, it is important that you seek medical assistance and all the relevant details must be documented by the physician.

In addition to the immediate medical help, you need to continue visiting the physician regularly as this injury causes the development of new symptoms over a period. Moreover, it is important to document these additional details. You must also hire the services of an attorney who specializes in working on such claims.

Victims of whiplash neck injury tend to avoid treatment, which is not advisable. Generally, the symptoms increase in intensity and many victims have to face bigger problems due to the escalation of the minor injuries a couple of years after the accident. Additionally, you must undergo a thorough examination to ensure soft tissue damage is seen, which requires more than just an X-Ray.

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