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The Knee Injury – A Complex Joint That Needs Specialist Care


There are four bones that all meet at the knee in the human body, but it is only the thigh bone (the femur)and the shin bone ( the tibia)that form the knee joint itself. Providing some stability the fibula which is a kind of strut that sits on the outside of the leg, it is also aided by the kneecap or patella which helps with muscle and joint function.

The major muscle groups that are involved in the functioning of a healthy knee provide balance and will allow movement. When the quadriceps on the front of our thighs contract, the knee will be able to extend or straighten. It is the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh that enable the knee to bend when they contract. There are a group of muscles that cross the knee joint and are attached to the tibia by tendons. The patella is contained within the quadriceps tendons.

Seeing that this is a complicated and well thought out design to a pivotal part of the human anatomy, it is understandable that a knee injury can form the basis for many of the common injuries known to end an athletes career prematurely. Should you have damaged any part of your knee or the surrounding muscle and tendons it is imperative that you seek the advice from a trained orthopedic doctor.

The knee also has a number of other vital components that work together to ensure absolute range of motion. Without all of the parts of the anatomy functioning at its capacity the knee will encounter injury or trauma. Should you suffer an acute trauma to your knee or subject your knees to chronic overuse your knee will become inflamed and you will display symptoms such as pain, swelling, heat around the area and perhaps even redness.

Whilst muscle damage, as well as tendon issues can be treated and improved upon it is usually not without the attention from a specialist who is able to better diagnose the treatment and recovery of a knee injury.

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