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What Are The Symptoms When You Get an Ankle Injury?


Are you active in sports or any physical activities? Have you experienced an ankle injury before? How did it feel to have an ankle injury? What did you do when you get an ankle injury?

An ankle injury is a common medical condition when the ligaments of your ankles are torn. One instance where you can get ankle injury is when you make an accidental landing onto an uneven surface from jumping or running. Other possible causes of ankle injury are the following: slipping on ice or any slippery surface; involving in hard-contact sports such as martial arts, football, rugby; jumping or leaping from high areas.

Ligaments are elastic structures that connect joints and bones in place and facilitate movement of muscles in our body. Most causes of ankle injury are torn ligaments which are, in turn, caused by accidental rolling and twisting or turning of one’s foot.

When you get an ankle injury, you need to know the different but common symptoms to determine the kind of treatment you require. Medical experts determine the ankle injury in grades: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. The Grade 1 injury usually is the least severe or the mildest where the patient experiences minimal swelling and slight tenderness on the injured area. The Grade 2 is moderately severe where the swelling and tenderness becomes more pronounced. The patient will also experience a decreased range of motion of his foot and possibly, instability. The most severe injury is graded 3. This is where the patient experiences extreme pain and total instability in addition to severe swelling and tenderness.

If you experience any or all of the symptoms mentioned above, seek medical help immediately from a qualified orthopedic specialist in your area for treatment. Never administer first aid medication if you are not trained well enough to handle such injury.

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