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State of The Art Equipment

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State of The Art Equipment

Our digital imaging includes Ultrasound machine, Fluoroscopy, and Extremity MRI. All onsite.

We feature a state of the art minor procedure center with:

  • On premises extremity MRI
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound

Doctors can see and explain results to you immediately, saving time and money. With on-site digital imaging there is no need to send you away for X-rays, only to have you bring back films. Digital X-ray, with instantaneous results provide a huge benefit for you and the doctor.

Pacifica Orthopedics offers unique and comprehensive medical care specializing in general orthopedics, spine, hand & foot surgery, arthroscopy, chiropractic, neurology, physical therapy, psychology, pain management, rehabilitation medicine, and sports medicine.