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There are many different causes of elbow injury, but most times elbow injuries are associated with a sporting injury or excessive repeated strain injuries. Arthroscopic elbow surgery is a surgical procedure where a small camera is inserted inside the joint, through a tiny incision that can also be used to insert small instruments to repair injury to the elbow without damaging the surrounding tissue and muscles. The less invasive the surgery the faster the injury will heal and the less damage is done in the process.

Elbow joints sometimes collect debris that interferes with the smooth movement of the elbow. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive way to remove this problem debris from the area and promote healing without damaging the elbow joint. There is very little disruption to movability for the patient.

Elbow pain and stiffness in the joint can often be cause from arthritis. Early stages of arthritis can cause bone spurs to form around the elbow joint, which impede the normal movement of the joint and cause pain. Arthroscopic surgery can be used to remove these bone spurs are help to restore normal movement to the elbow joint. Physical therapy is also useful for patients recovering from arthroscopic surgery and will limit the time their elbow is out of action and help to restore normal movement as soon as possible.

Tennis elbow is another common elbow injury that is not always caused from playing tennis and can be caused from other sports like golf. Some work related repetitive movements can also cause tennis elbow. Orthopedic specialists have great success treating this condition and you can make a full recovery. Untreated elbow injuries get worse over time.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort when you move your elbow, do not wait until there is no movement without pain, see your doctor early and prevent a more serious condition from developing.

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