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Orthopedic Injury


When we think about Orthopedic injury we may think about knee replacement or hip replacement surgery. Some of us may think that we need to see an Orthopedic surgeon if we break a bone or have some type of acute trauma to our body. It might be interesting to learn that most of the orthopedic surgeries that are performed are the result of chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. When we consider the number of people that we know that have back problems then it is easy to understand why the need for adequate California medical insurance is imperative for each individual and family living in California.

Sometimes it is surprising to know that not every orthopedic injury will require surgery. Today there are some very innovative and efficient ways to treat many of the conditions and issues that affect the musculoskeletal system without having to undergo surgery. Should this be required, however, the way in which these surgical procedures are carried out are very minimalist and non invasive. Keyhole surgery is favored among most of the orthopedic surgeons for many surgical procedures today. This means that the injury site is not exacerbated by a surgical site that will also require healing and physical therapy.

Post surgical procedures regarding the musculoskeletal system can often be improved upon with follow up physical therapy at the orthopedic medical center. Here the orthopedic surgeon will work closely with the physical therapist and ensure that the treatment goals are in alignment with the patients rehabilitation and recovery. An orthopedic physical therapy practitioner has vast experience and knowledge in orthopedic surgery and can design a therapy and rehabilitation plan for the individual that is injury specific in order to build strength and enable optimal mobility once more. The most important factor to consider is that you have adequate California medical insurance so that you may be treated by the countries leading Orthopedic specialists.

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