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Symptoms and treatment of common elbow injuries


The various joints in a human body act as shock absorbers that absorb the impact of falls, jumps, runs, and other activities. The elbow is one such important joint, which acts as the center of articulation between the upper bone in the arm and the forearm bones. These are important for the mobility and motion of the hand and you may suffer from severe hindrance in case of an elbow injury.

Elbow dislocation generally happens when you fall on an outstretched arm especially during contact sports, such as tennis or badminton. You may suffer from severe pain and lose the motion in your hand. Moreover, the elbow may appear deformed or bent at an awkward angle. This elbow injury needs a qualified physician to realign the bone along with an X-ray and medication.

You may fracture your elbow bone due to high force impact that causes the continuity of the bone to crack. Alternatively, this elbow injury can be a result of an existing condition that weakens the bones, such as osteoporosis or cancer. This injury causes swelling, pain, bruising, and deformity, which needs to be attended immediately to avoid long-term complications. You need to use an arm brace or some other kind of support for the elbow.

Chronic elbow injuries occur over the long-term and may last for over two weeks and may cause acute soreness, loss of motion, and stiffness. These injuries may be caused due to pre-existing medical conditions, trauma, or repeated injuries. One of the common injuries under this category is caused due to arthritis.

Another common elbow injury is the inflammation of the tendons, which connect the bones with the muscles. This injury is caused due to frequent and demanding physical activity, such as mountain climbers or swimmers. You can reduce the pain and inflammation using physical therapy and anti-inflammation medications.

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