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Symptoms You Feel With Elbow Injury


Sometimes, in one instance or another, we injure our elbow, most especially if we are involved in physical activities such as sports like golf, tennis, mountain climbing, football, basketball and most other contact sports.

Our elbow is composed primarily of three main bones: the humerus, the radius and ulna. Ligaments, muscles and tendons help our elbow keep in stable position and allow joint movement. Our elbow joint allows us to perform a range of movements from flexion or bending to extension or straightening and rotation of our palms.

We can injure our elbow in so many ways. Athletic injuries are the most common form of elbow injuries, while traumatic injuries comprise small yet serious cases among medical problems requiring surgical operations. Athletic injuries usually occur from overuse especially when you engage in extreme sports such as mountain climbing, wake boarding, and even regular sports like tennis, basketball, football and contact sports such as martial arts.

Depending on the causes of the injury, symptoms can vary from mild to severe. If you experience swelling on or above or below your elbow and you feel tingling sensation, you need to check with your orthopedics right away. Other possible symptoms associated with elbow injury are the following: difficulty of moving the elbow; severe pain and tingling sensation around the area; deformation of elbow and bruising around it; numbness of forearm, hand and fingers; cut or wound caused by traumatic injury.

These symptoms may show that a person has a bone fracture, sprained elbow, or maybe another serious injury that necessitates medical attention. If you experience any of the above symptoms, you need to see a qualified orthopedic specialist, for immediate treatment. A bone fracture on your elbow, especially, may lead to a more serious and often disabling complication if not treated immediately.

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