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What is a tennis elbow injury?


Despite its name, this is an injury on the elbow that can happen to even those who do not play the game of tennis. It is caused by repetitive activities that require forceful gripping motion and contraction of muscles on either side of the elbow joint. Such repeated activities can lead to an inflammation of the muscle-tendon junction in a condition called epicondylitis. The inflammation occurs when tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the elbow joint are strained from a repeated activity such as in a game of tennis.

A simple case of tennis elbow might appear to be a harmless discomfort but if neglected it can develop into a severe impairment that will leave you unable to perform daily and necessary activities such as opening doors, shaking hands, or even performing drinking and eating motions that require the use of your elbow. As previously stated, this is not a problem experienced by tennis players only but bowlers, golfers, and racquet-ball players are also at risk of incurring a tennis elbow injury. Besides people involved in sports, others involved in repetitive activities in their workplaces such as in supermarket checking, lifting suitcases, and gardening can also suffer a similar elbow injury.

The injury can also result from contracting, flexing, and twisting muscles improperly which can lead to microscopic tears and inflammation of the tendons. When this happens you will experience either a burning or sharp stabbing pain inside the elbow. The pain usually extends upwards to the shoulder or downwards to the wrist. It is sometimes emphasized when you extend your arm or grip something like a cup or hairbrush in your fist.

For tennis players, susceptibility to the injury depends on the player’s strength, flexibility, and the kind equipment he or she is using. Age is also another factor because most sufferers of tennis elbow injuries are players aged between 35 and 50 years who play more than three times a week. It is important to treat these elbow injuries early enough to avoid complications.

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