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Avoiding leg pain at work


The workplace is one of the most important locations where almost all individuals spend a larger part of their daily lives. Moreover, we need to spend long hours sitting at our desks, which leads to several kinds of discomfort. While some of these problems may require incurring larger expenses, such as an ergonomic chair, leg pain due to remaining seated for hours is less expensive problem to avoid.

It is common for individuals to feel uncomfortable while they are seated at their desks. They may also experience the feeling of the legs falling off to sleep or heaviness in their legs. Such discomfort can lead to a numb feeling, which gradually moves to the thighs. Therefore, you may not be able to concentrate on your work because of the pain. However, you can prevent all these symptoms of pain and discomfort by making minor adjustments to your workplace environment.

You need to firstly adjust the height of your chair to a height that is appropriate for the legs. You must maintain the height such that your legs are comfortably rested on the floor with the knees at a 90-degree angle. A few simple and quick measurements can assist you to determine the seat height to prevent leg pain.
Taking off your shoes, you must measure the distance between the floor and the inner part of your thigh. Next, you must measure the height between the top of your chair and the floor by making the necessary adjustment to the seat. In case your present chair does not allow you to make these changes, you should consider a different chair that suits your requirements. Another reason of leg pain could be depth of the chair or the quality of the seat cushion. Inadequate depth leads to the blood circulation from being cut off while you are seated that leads to the pain. Therefore, all these factors need to be considered to ensure you do not suffer from leg pain while working in the office.

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