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Symptoms and causes of leg pain


Leg pain can be classified into trauma and non-traumatic. Trauma is the most obvious cause of leg pain. Overuse injuries can be considered as numerous traumatic injuries which might cause pain if it transpires for a long time. Pain from the back that can cause sciatica and as a result the pin will be radiated to the leg through one of the many roots that make up the sciatic nerve. If the integrity of the bone has been compromised, there is pain that will be felt arising from the nerve endings which are located in the fibrous tissue linings of the bone. If a tremor occurs on the muscles surrounding the bone there will be sharp pain to the leg.

Running, jumping and dancing can lead to shin splints which are thought to be an overuse injury to the tibia and fibula. This is also known as tibial stress syndrome. A ligament injury occurs when the ligament fibers are overstretched and are partially torn or completely torn. As a result of overstretch and torn, there will be swelling and inflammation which causes leg pain. Skin abnormalities are also a cause of pain. Poor blood flow, ranging from trauma to ulcers, is among the causes of pain from skin conditions.

The skin has numerous nerve fibers and will feel any form of pain inflicted on it. Symptoms of leg pain depend on the cause and the state of the person. The symptoms may have an extensive range of presentation. The pain can be described as sharp, dull, heavy, aching or burning. The pain can be steady or irregular and can be made worse or better through exercise or rest. In some cases the pain can be felt in a place where the injury has not occurred due to pain radiance and this will lead to confusion in locating the part with the problem. Other symptoms that are felt mostly at night are sleeping disorders due to leg pain and leg cramps.

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