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What Is Whiplash?


Whiplash is an injury that is caused to the neck which mostly occurs due to an accident associated with a vehicle. This usually happens to the occupant that is hit from behind and it usually considered a risky condition. The Whiplash Injury term describes the damage that is caused to both the bone structures of the patient and the soft tissues and there is another term Whiplash associated disorders that is usually a more chronic and severe condition.

Although Whiplash is usually not considered as an injury that is life threatening it can easily lead to a very long partial disability period. The condition can be very expensive since the patient may be rendered disabled which may require them to get a sick leave from work which usually leads to lost job productivity and at time it may be severe leading to litigation. All this is in addition to the medical care that one has to receive and this definitely requires a good amount of money. There are some people that usually experience symptoms from an accident many years later although most of accidents survivors recover quickly after an accident.

Considering the fact that the Whiplash injury occurs when a vehicle is heat from behind without any notice, the neck and the head are usually forced into a state of hyperextension because the sit usually pushes the torso of the person in front which leads to the neck and head that is unrestrained to fall behind. After a short period of time the neck and head then gets back to their usual position and this is when they are unnerved into the hyperflexed position. This usually leads to the abnormality in the position since the cervical spine is usually in the S-shape which is totally different from the normal position and motion. This abnormal motion usually holds together the cervical vertebrae which comprise of the facet capsules, muscles and ligaments.

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