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Whiplash injury


Whiplash is a series of injuries to the neck caused by abrupt distortion of the neck. In most cases a person suffers whiplash as a result of being hit from behind by a moving object. Whiplash injury depicts damage to both the bone structures and the soft tissues while whiplash associated disorders is a more severe and chronic state. As mentioned earlier, whiplash is commonly caused when the motor vehicle is moving but the occupant is not. A whiplash neck sprain occurs when your head is moved in a whip like movement or when there is a forcible rotation. The sudden jolting in a back and forth manner can lead to tearing of the muscle and ligaments which will cause a great deal of pain in the neck region.

A person having a whiplash injury will experience some constraints in rotation and movement of the neck and head. Headaches, stiffness of the neck and the shoulders, temporomandibular, jaw pain, joint symptoms, arm pain, are some of the bodily symptoms that will be noticed if suffering from this injury. The symptoms of whiplash might not always be linked with any pathological explanations. The sensory system will be affected with the injury to the arms and this may lead to pain and aching to the neck and back.

A whiplash injury always affects the spinal cord and the central nervous system and therefore it is most likely that the pain will be reflected to other body parts. Symptoms of persons suffering from whiplash associated disorder are easily noticed because you cannot hide it. Being depressed, feeling angry all the time, having life frustrations and stress and also some develop a drug dependency. Insomnia, lack of sleep or after sleeping I wake up immediately, is a very distinctive way of knowing if you suffer from whiplash. Lawsuits and segregation from social sites causes pain due to stress.

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