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Do You Need to See a Neurology Specialist


The decision to see a neurologist might seem daunting at first, but it can depend heavily on the diagnostic results of your condition. The recommendations of your primary care orthopedic physician will play a major role in your decision to see a neurology expert.
Your orthopedic specialist will first determine the reasons that make it necessary for you to see a neurology specialist. The process will involve looking for the best neurology expert to take care of your individual case. Your orthopedic doctor will work closely with all allied health professionals in your care and determine the best options for you.
Should your condition require the assistance of a neurological specialist to work alongside your orthopedic doctor to achieve the goals set out, you can be assured that there is a structured plan and timetable for your recovery process. Many orthopedic specialists will devise a management plan and have milestones that the neurological professional will liaise back and forth upon.
Many times a patient requiring this level of specialized treatment will also see a team of related professionals to aid in their treatment and recovery. For instance your orthopedic physician may enlist the assistance of the neurology specialist as well as a physical therapist and depending on the case a chiropractor professional.
Understandably, each individual condition will require an individual plan and assessment and the best way to determine what you might expect is to speak with your orthopedic specialist about what can be expected in your treatment and recovery plan. Building a rapport with your orthopedic doctor is beneficial to the patient as they will have, in many instances, a long term relationship with the doctor and rely upon their management of the condition. Not all orthopedic cases, of course, will require the assistance of a neurology specialist.

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