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3 Common Shoulder Injury Complaints


Many of us will suffer with shoulder pain at some stage in our lives or know someone that is suffering with it. Being a relatively common ailment there is certainly much that can be done for the vast majority of complaints nowadays. An orthopedic surgeon will be able to diagnose and treat your shoulder and give your the right information regarding recovery.

Listed below are some of the most common shoulder complaints that present to orthopedic doctors. Having them checked and assessed is highly recommended in each case.

Adhesive Capulitis or Frozen Shoulder:
This is a very common condition where the joint becomes stiff and sore. A person with this condition may choose physical therapy to relieve the pain but more often than not a diagnosis by an orthopedic doctor can prove more beneficial in the long term treatment of the shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis:
Also called Bursitis this occurs when a rotator cuff tears and will generally have happened because the tendons of the rotator cuff have become separated from the bone.

Laberal Tear and SLAP Lesion:
There are several different types of labral tears that may occur and a SLAP lesion is one in particular that can be relatively common, especially in athletes that throw. SLAP ( Superior Labral Anterior Posterior) means that it is a tear of the rim of the cartilage (the labrum)around the shoulder socket. Seeking orthopedic attention can help with recovery.

As with any injury to any part of the body, the sooner the patient seeks help from a trained professional such as an orthopedic surgeon the faster the diagnosis can be made as to the problem and a treatment plan can be made. Delaying any type of medical advice can prove costly on the patients health and potential for further injury and complications may arise.

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