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Do You Have A Cruciate Ligament Injury?


Do you have a cruciate ligament injury or do you know someone that has one? This is a relatively common type of injury for people who spend a lot of time playing sports. The cruciate ligament injury deals with an injury that relates to the knee. The knee joint actually sits between the femur or thigh bone and the tibia or shin bone. This knee joint is kept secure and in place by four ligaments that work similar to elastic straps. Two of those four ligaments are called the cruciate ligaments.

These cruciate ligaments are the forward or anterior ligament that passed through from the rear of the thigh bone right through to the front of the shin bone. The rear or posterior cruciate ligament works in the opposite fashion and together they wrap securely to keep the knee joint stable. The shape they take on when they pass over each other is the shape of a cross – hence the name cruciate.

People who have suffered a cruciate injury have done so by perhaps a direct hit to the knee or maybe even in twisting their knee in a peculiar way. When the cruciate ligament is damaged it is generally torn and can be incredibly painful to the sufferer. The tear generally occurs to the anterior ligament and not often is the posterior ligament torn. This does not mean however that it cannot be damaged in this way; it is simply a less common trauma.

Should you have experienced extreme pain in your knee joint and have concerns that you may have a cruciate ligament injury then you should seek the advice and direction of an orthopedic doctor immediately. These are injuries that will not get better over time without orthopedic supervision and guidance. Your orthopedic physician will be able to diagnose and plan a treatment program with you as well as administer a pain management plan.

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