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Do You Have Bunions?


Have you been told that you have bunions or do you suspect that a loved one has them? Bunions are a very common complaint in people and are the name given for the protruding bump on the base of the big toe. It comes about as the big toe starts to grow or slant inwards, pointing more towards the other toes. When this happens the joint becomes inflamed from the toe pivoting on its joint. This can make the skin around it swollen and near the joint and skin can become irritated as well.

IN extreme cases the big toe can result in being completely crossed over the top of or even underneath of the other toes. When this happens the joint is being simultaneously pushed in the opposite direction. This can also be the result of the head of the bone that joins the toe to the heel – also known as the first metatarsal. The bump is forms from the head of the metatarsal and the joint pushing away from the foot.

Bunions are hard and are made up of the metatarsal head along with the ligaments and tendons and swollen joint itself. Bunions are very hard to touch and get sorer the longer they are left unattended. Wearing shoes can be a particularly painful exercise and people with bunions often get to the point where shoe wear is not possible any more.

Should you have bunions or have a loved one that is suffering from this painful condition then help is not far away. Consult with your orthopedic doctor and explore with them the treatment options and recovery available to sufferers of this commonplace ailment. Your orthopedic doctor specializes in all things musculoskeletal and is the best person to advise of treatment options and recovery plans for this condition.

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