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Do You Have Bursitis?


Have you been told that you have Bursitis or perhaps you think that you or a loved one has bursitis? There are numerous places all over the body where bones and other moving parts can rub against one another. Most of these places are where the joints sit and the bones are expertly kept from rubbing against each other by cartilage. Using the cartilage the bones that make up the joints can perform some extended and often elaborate movements. Between these bones in the joint and the tendons that hold them are small sacs or pockets of what can be referred to as a semi-fluid. These pockets of semi-fluid are called bursa. The point of bursa is to operate similar to a cushion or padding between the bones and any other solid part that may rub against another.

Bursitis occurs when one of the bursa becomes inflamed. At this point the person will have a pain in the area, will probably experience a lack of strength when using the limb, and this pain can be worse overnight. At this point it is important that the sufferer seeks medical attention from an orthopedic doctor.

The area that is affected from the bursitis will not look any different except perhaps for a very slight swelling. Should the are3a be touched it will not hold any pain to the direct area itself. There will most likely be a restriction and pain when the joint is exercised or moved. This is because the bursa is no longer able to provide a slippery seamless surface for the joint to slide over and the movement of the joint now provides pain as the bones rub against one another.

If you have pain that is similar to this or you have been told that you have bursitis then there are some very good and effective treatment options available to the patient. Be sure to consult with your orthopedic doctor on what treatment options you may expect as well as pain management and recovery programs.

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