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Do You Need an Arthroscope


Doctors are able to actually see how a moveable joint works without performing surgery by the use of an instrument called an arthroscope. A joint is any place in the body where two bones join in a way that facilitates movement. An example of a body part that might need arthroscopic surgery is the knee.
Basically the arthroscope is made of a narrow tube that contains bundles of very thin glass fibers. A halogen lamp or any other high intense light source transmits light through the bundle of fibers to the joint. The image of the joint is carried by another bundle of fibers in the tube to be viewed through an eyepiece.
Having an arthroscopic procedure has several advantages over the conventional surgery methods. The use of an arthroscope does not cause as much damage to the surrounding tissue as in normal operation procedures. This makes it possible for the patient to heal faster due to less tissue damage.
Arthroscopes have been in use since the nineteenth century. Today, however, arthroscopes have become more specialized with added features like air and water channels for inflating target areas in the joint. Miniature instruments can also be attached on arthroscopes to perform simple remote surgery procedures. For example, a laser beam in such an instrument can be used to control localized bleeding.
Anyone suffering from knee or any other joint problem would most may be advised that they need to have an arthroscope. This may be suggested as the preference for surgery instead of the conventional operations. The size of the incision used to insert the arthroscope is quite small which makes the entire operation easier for the patient. The patient is also able in many instances to heal and regain the use of the joint faster because there is less damage to the surrounding tissues.

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