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Orthopedic surgery deals with all surgeries concerning the musculoskeletal system of the body, including musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, tumors, congenital conditions, and infections.

Orthopedic surgery is becoming more common as new less invasive procedures become available and surgery and recovery time is often only a few days. Even with spinal surgery, patients recover quickly and suffer minimal pain afterwards. Hip and knee replacements are becoming commonplace, giving many a new lease in life.

Minimally invasive surgical procedures are used for many orthopedic procedures, for resetting bones after a bad fracture, spinal scrapings, knee joint scrapings and more. Traditional orthopedic surgeries are also still used for many conditions such as hip and knee replacements.

Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression is a form of shoulder orthopedic surgery that is minimally invasive, using a type of endoscope instrument called an arthroscope to access the joint. It is inserted into the joint through a small incision and can be used for diagnosis or for removing floating cartilage, torn surface cartilage, for ACL reconstruction, and trimming damaged cartilage. Advances in this area of medicine have vastly improved the options for many patients suffering shoulder pain.

Other types of orthopedic surgery include fracture repair of the distal part of radius, lower back intervertebral disc surgery, and repair of trochanteric fracture and debridement of skin/muscle/bone/fractures. Knee surgery also uses the arthroscope to access the joint, for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and for diagnosis. Knee replacements are also quite commonly performed surgeries, when the knee joint is too damaged or worn down to be repaired. After a knee replacement there is rigorous physical therapy needed to resume normal activities but after a couple of months the replaced knee will function as a normal healthy knee joint.

Orthopedic surgery can help people with a wide range of complaints and it is not necessary these days to put up with years of pain, because modern surgical procedures can offer long term solutions to many common problems.

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