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Physical Therapy – Can Benefit More Than Just Muscle Pain

Physical therapy is a healthcare field that evaluates, diagnoses, and treats ailments of the musculoskeletal system. The objective is to use a carefully constructed personalized program of physical therapy to restore the individual to health and self-sufficiency. But this may be successful in the treatment of more than only muscle injury. This article discusses the lesser known medical benefits of this remarkable therapy.

Joint pain tends to discourages people with arthritis from participating in any kind of exercise. However, a group of exercises called "isometrics" is used in physical therapy to help strengthen muscles without involving painful joints. Isometric exercise requires no joint movement and instead alternates the flexing and relaxing of isolated muscles, or groups of muscles, in order to build strength. For joint movement exercises "isotonics" is more intense type of workout. This group of exercises helps develop strength through increased repetitions and with the use of dumbbells and exercise bands for light resistance. A physical therapist will be able to demonstrate for you the correct way to safely perform both isometric and isotonic workouts.

Everyone experiences stress to some degree during their lives. Stress is considered debilitating when it results in bodily or emotional distress. There is ample clinical evidence to support the fact that humans are more susceptible to disease during periods of great stress. You will feel less stressed when you participate in any activity in which your muscles are permitted to relax or in which large amounts of physical energy must be expended. Physical therapy techniques are an excellent way to enhance relaxation. For instance, pool therapy is ideal for strengthening muscles as well as for relaxing. For individuals who can’t swim, treading water, jogging in the pool, swinging the arms against the resistance of the water and floating also help encourage the muscles to relax. By engaging in such exercises, people have noticed improved sleep, mood, and even weight management.

The onset of headaches and specifically migraines is often sudden and very debilitating. Therapy can address the root cause of chronic headaches, thus decreasing the frequency and intensity. A physical therapist puts together a program that targets joints and muscles in the peripheral nervous system. The hope for these patients is that with adequate treatment, the migraines will be greatly reduced and eventually completely eliminated. Simply put, the manner in which a migraine sufferer responds to treatment depends largely upon the muscles and joints that play a part in the headaches.

Physical therapy rehabilitation is proven effective in the treatment of a broad variety of illness and disease. In advance of any physical therapy regimen, talk it over with a doctor to ensure that it’s safe to proceed. Therapy isn’t a replacement for a doctor’s care yet in combination, patients can greatly alleviate their health problems.

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