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When Do You Need Physical Therapy?

If you have recently had an injury related to work, a fall, sports, or an accident, or have been hospitalized for a heart related condition, you may be wondering if and how physical therapy can help you. While many states require a physician’s referral in order to see a licensed physical therapist, others do not, but it is a requirement of a number of insurance carriers. However, while your doctor may recommend a physical therapy center for your treatment, it is always important to keep in mind that the physical therapist that you see is always your choice first.

When do you need physical therapy? In order to answer this question, it is first important to understand what it is that a physical therapist does. A person who does physical therapy is a medical professional that specializes in muscle movements and exercises that improve posture and stability, as well as strengthen specific muscle groups in order to promote recovery and healing, as well as reduce the risk of accidental injury. Chiropractic Physicians are licensed to perform physical therapy in many states.

In deciding whether or not you actually need physical therapy, your first line of recourse will always be your Chiropractor or general practitioner. If you have recently been treated for an accident or condition, they may recommend physical therapy to you in your recovery. However, others who have had the same kind of injury multiple times, or have found that recovery is not progressing on its own, may also opt to see a physical therapist in order to promote greater improvement.

People frequently seek out the help of a physical therapist for back and knee injuries, shoulder and neck pain, sprains and pulled muscles, as well as hip fractures. In addition, physical therapy has also been shown to be beneficial to pregnant women, as well as those who have just had a baby or others recovering from surgery. Older people who are also recovering from a stroke are also frequently referred to physical therapists to regain the use of certain muscle groups and recover function that is lost in many areas.

There are many different types of physical therapeutics that can help a wide variety of people from just about any group. For those with back injuries, hip fractures, and those with other types of broken bones, an orthopedic physical therapist can help promote recovery, reduce the risk of injury to the same area again, and also reduce healing time. These kinds of physical therapists also help with a number of sports related injuries.

For older patients, geriatric physical therapeutics can aid in recovery from a stroke or heart attack, as well as help strengthen bones affected by osteoporosis, improve incontinence, and promote better balance. For younger patients and children, pediatric physical therapy can help develop motor skills in those with developmental delays and improve function in those with musculoskeletal disorders such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy. In addition, neurological physical therapy can help those with brain injuries or other neurological disorders, as well as those recovering from a stroke.

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