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5 Common Causes Of Knee Injuries


Knee pain is the worst pain you can ever suffer. Here are the five common causes of knee injuries and knee pain.

The knee joint is among the strongest joints of the body. Its intact structure and function are crucial for moving around and bearing your body weight.

The knee joint comprises four components, e.g., bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Insult to any of these components of the knee joint can result in knee injuries.

Knee injury is one of the common joint injuries in sportspeople, athletes, and other individuals. Knee injuries occur when an external force on the knee bends or twists it against its anatomical design. Five common causes of knee injuries and knee pain include:

  • Knee Fractures: Patella, aka kneecap, is the commonest bone fracture in the knee joint. Falls, traffic accidents, or other high impact trauma can fracture the bones in or around the knee.
  • Dislocation: Knee joint dislocation occurs when bones making the knee joint get out of their proper placement in the joint. Contact sports falls, car accidents, and other traumas can make the knee bones slip out of their space, causing knee dislocation.
  • Ligament Injuries: Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) of the knee are commonly injured. ACL tear injury may result from playing football or soccer or suddenly changing direction while running. PCL tear injury may result from an external force on a bent knee, e.g., falling on a bent knee. Other ligaments of the knee can also be injured due to trauma.
  • Tendon Injuries: Tendons attach muscles to the bones. Overstretching the leg may tear tendons around the knee joint. The patellar tendon is the most commonly torn and inflamed tendon around the knee joint. Tendonitis (inflammation of a tendon) may also occur in runners, jumpers, and other physically active people who overuse their legs.
  • Meniscal Injuries: A meniscus is a tough cartilage between the thigh bone and shin bone, forming a knee joint. Meniscal tears commonly occur due to aging (degenerative process), but they can also result from high impact trauma on the knee joint.

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