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Medical Psychology: Its Application in the Mental Health


Medical Psychology can be summed up as a discipline of psychology dealing with the application of psychological principles in the medical treatment on a person’s mental illness or disorder. Because of its broad concept in the field of psychology, it can be defined in several ways. For example, it can be defined as the application of clinical health psychology, usually in medical care facilities such as hospitals and clinics. Others propose that medical psychology is a discipline concerning the study and application of psychological factors related to health, illness, and its treatment at all levels from individual up to systems level.

There are lots of medical clinics around the world who offer specialized medical psychology treatment. The role of the medical psychologists in the treatment of a person’s illness or disease is paramount in the fast recovery of the patient. They apply various psychological theories, scientific evaluations, behavioral tests, cognitive tests and physical therapy to improve the physical and psychological well-being of the patient under treatment. These highly qualified medical practitioners have the necessary professional skills to perform their duties as specialized doctors who have undergone specialized education and training at post-doctoral level.

Most often, medical psychology practitioners have earned a post-doctoral specialty training that qualifies them to work in any health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, residential care centers and primary care centers. These highly skilled and specialized doctor are equipped with the best and refined skills in the field of medical psychology acquired through a rigorous training. They often use psychological and pharmacological techniques in the modification of physical disease states and the cellular makeup of a bodily tissue or structure and the normal functioning of the central nervous and affiliated systems of the body.

The role of medical psychology in the rehabilitation of the patient’s physical and mental health, therefore, is paramount.

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