The relevance of psychology in the medical world

A simple definition of psychology describes it as a scientific exploration of mental process and behavior. This is usually done through observations and recording of interactions between humans, between humans and animals, and between humans and their environment. The pursuit of psychology is to discern common patterns that will help in understanding and predicting behavior. The study of psychology has yielded so much knowledge over the years that psychologists can now describe how people exist as individuals or as groups, nations, and cultural entities. This is quite relevant in our pursuit of achieving our potential as human beings.

Through tests and research findings, psychologists have developed theories that explain human behavior and thinking patterns. There have been so many discoveries about personality development and how personality traits can be used to promote healthy mental and physical existence. Psychologists are able to understand how and why people develop undesirable habits and how to avoid the bad habits in a healthy lifestyle. Psychologists have studied and understood different ways of making workers more productive and function better as individuals.

In the medical world, psychologists have made great steps in understanding the human brain and how it works in coordination with the nervous system. They study how our senses work by examining the way we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell and go a step further by finding out how our senses affect our behavior. Their studies also delve into the realm of the mind to discover how the mind affects the body. Psychologists normally work closely with other medical and social science professionals such as psychiatrists, biologists, anthropologists, and sociologists. Psychologists have always been called upon to assist in the recovery process of patients suffering from neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other nervous system disorders. Patients recovering from traumatic injuries of the head resulting in conditions such as amnesia can benefit from psychological treatment.