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The wrist is probably the most complex joint in the human body and one which is used every day for almost every activity which you use your hands for. There are two main bones in the wrist, the ulna ad the radius together with eight smaller bones connected together with ligaments which can become detached during an injury. Wrist injuries are common in tennis players and other sports and often occur from falling onto the hand with an outstretched arm. This can cause either a break or a sprain.

Other wrist injuries include carpel tunnel syndrome and repeated strain injuries from a repetitive activity at work or playing sport. Orthopedic specialists can determine the exact nature of your wrist injury and recommend a course of treatment so that you regain proper mobility and minimise the risk of reinjuring the wrist before it is properly healed.

Computer use, or rather over use, is a common culprit for the cause of carpel tunnel syndrome as every time you hit a key on the keyboard a small muscle contracts and with repeated movements the muscles and tendons can swell causing friction. This eventually leads to carpel tunnel syndrome. The friction in turn causes inflammation and the collection of fluid which blocks the narrow opening inside the wrist and presses on nerves which cause pain and discomfort.

Any signs of numbness, swelling, pain in the wrist joint or a decrease in mobility should be reason enough to seek treatment from an orthopedic therapist to ensure that the injury heals properly and doesn’t get worse. You will need to abstain from the activity which caused the injury for some time; until the wrist is properly healed otherwise you will have a relapse and have to restart the treatment.

Wrist injuries can be healed effectively with the help of an orthopedic therapist, sufficient rest to the area and abstinence of repetitive strain activities.

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