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Dealing with a wrist injury


There are literally thousands of movements we perform every day that require different types of hand and wrist motions for dexterity. Some of these movements include throwing, swinging a racket or baseball bat in sports, typing at a computer keyboard, and lifting household items. These are motions we take for granted but are essentially very important and necessary. You will only realize their importance when you suffer a wrist injury that limits your ambidexterity abilities.

The human wrist is one of the most complex joints in the body. It has eight carpal bones closely held together and connected by ligaments to two forearm bones and five metacarpal bones inside the hand. There are three major nerves and numerous blood vessels supplying the hand which pass through the wrist. These nerves and blood vessels are often subjected to high compressive forces along the narrow areas of the wrist. This is why a wrist injury can have serious limitations to the use of your hand and by extension to your daily activities. A wrist injury needs to be examined and treated promptly lest it develops into a serious problem.

Some of the common causes of wrist injuries have to do with repetitive activities at home, work, and in sports. Some of these injuries may appear harmless at first but they have a potential for developing into serious health issues if ignored. For example, if an injured wrist is overused it may result in serious nerve damage. Trauma to the wrist can be due to a simple sprain, a fracture in one of the bones, a ligament tear, or even instability of the carpal bones. Since the wrist is made of small bones, it is important to have an X-ray or MRI scan after an injury to ensure that the bones are still aligned accurately. To prevent irreversible damage avoid injuries or overuse of the wrist when necessary and seek medical attention in case of an injury as early as possible.

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