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Ligament Injuries of the Wrist


The wrist is made up of separate small bones called carpal. The carpal connects the two bones of the forearm the radius and the ulna. One of the reasons why the wrist is so delicate is that every small bone forms a joint with the next bone. Wrist injuries are very common. A significant cause of wrist injury is damage to the ligaments. The articular cartilage covers he points where the bones make a joint. Ligaments sever a great purpose in the wrist as it connects all the small wrist bones to each other and it is the one that connects the bones of the wrist with the radius, ulna and metacarpal bones.

The ligaments help in balancing the wrist bones. If one of the ligaments is injured, the movements of the wrist as a whole would be a problem and this can cause so many problems and pain. Ligament injuries occur as a result of unexpected falls overstretching of the hand. There are some factors that will help in determining if the wrist will be injured such as how strong are your bones, the positioning of the wrist at the timer of injury and the amount of force involved. If any ligament is in one way or another get torn, it will result to having an unstable joint. In this situation, even the slightest injury changes the way the joint moves and the force of the articular cartilage increases.

If the condition cannot be noticed fast enough, the cartilage will continue adding up damage until it reaches a place where it can no longer balance and the wrist begins hurting. A person will discover he/she has a wrist injury when it starts to swell and being painful. In some cases, the wrist will also have a color change and bruises. The initial pain can be severe but it will subside and it may remain that way due to the instability. In the event that an abnormal motion causes osteoarthritis of the wrist, the wrist will be expecting an activity every time and if it lacks it will be so painful.

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