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Ankle rehabilitation exercises


The ankle is exposed to plenty of stress not only in sports persons but also among common individuals who need to stand for several hours daily at their work places. The most common reason for soreness in the ankles is wearing the incorrect type of footwear. Additionally, many of us choose sandals or flip flop shoes that are not provided with the necessary ankle support.

While running, our ankles are subjected to four times our body weight every time the feet hit the pavement. Hence, it is crucial to support the ankles adequately to prevent ankle injury. Hence, while buying shoes, it is recommended you take the assistance of a person who is knowledgeable in this field.

Maintaining the stability of the ankles is achieved through combining glutes, balancing the quads, hamstrings, and calves. The below mentioned exercises should be beneficial in strengthening the muscles and ligaments while improving the joint coordination to avoid ankle injury.

It is advised to consult a fitness expert prior to commencing these exercises. Moreover, it is recommended to begin with simple exercises and gradually increase the difficulty level. Firstly, you can begin by balancing your body weight on the ankle while raising your one foot. Do the same exercise by closing your eyes.

This can be followed by doing quarter squats. Another exercise that assists strengthening the ankles is to stand on one foot on a mini trampoline and balancing with your eyes shut. You can also do the quarter squats on Dura disc and try to run in an S pattern without making any sudden turns.

You can repeat the same exercises by increasing their difficulty levels to medium and hard. Hopping on one leg, side stepping drills, balancing on a wobble board, running in a T pattern at 90 degree angle, and half squats on a wobble board are all beneficial in strengthening the joint muscle and helping recovery from an ankle injury.

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