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Common workplace foot injuries


You will be surprised with the number of injuries that can be caused in your workplace. While some of these injuries are curable in the short-term, several injuries affect your well-being in the long-term. One of these workplace injuries include foot injury, which causes pain and loss of mobility for an extended period. However, you can prevent such injuries by following some safety practices.

Workplace foot injuries range from fractured bones, crushed legs, or amputation of the foot due to severe injuries. You may injure your foot due to falling objects, tripping, falling, slipping, and misusing equipment, incorrect safety gear, and dysfunctional machineries. One or more of these causes can cause you a foot injury, which could be painful and severe.

However, you can reduce the probability of these injuries thus ensuring your safety during your working hours. The first step you can take to avoid injuring your feet is to use safe and sturdy footwear. Moreover, you must ensure that you do not leave any objects that may fall on the ledges or shelves. Pay attention while you are walking around the office and avoid slippery surfaces and standing water areas. Finally, you must never use any equipment or machinery for which you have not been provided adequate training. Following these simple and preventive tips ensures you are able to avoid the risk of injuring your feet, which causes loss of mobility for some time.

In addition, to the pain and discomfort caused to the injured employee, foot injuries can lead to severe consequences to the employers. The employee will be eligible to claim workman’s compensation from the employers to recover the damages caused due to these accidents. Moreover, these claims are difficult to fight and require legal counsel to undertake your suit. Therefore, you will have to incur significant expenditure towards legal fees.

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