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Knowing about neurosurgery and neurology


Many people consider neurosurgery and neurology to be the same. Although, both these fields deal with the functional disorders of the nerves, muscles, and brains, there is a difference between the methods used to provide the treatments.

Neurology treats diseases of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. This medical field is beneficial to diagnose and treat specific diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, seizure, dementia, and epilepsy. Sometimes, many individuals suffer from severe medical conditions due to the aggravation of simple symptoms. These include difficulty in coordination, handwriting problems, speech problems, and other conditions that affect the synchronization of the brain with the activities of the other body parts. This medicinal field also deals with conditions, such as toxic and metabolic infections and sleeping disorders. The treatment method depends on the specific symptoms of the individual and can range from mild to heavy. The physician will take your medical history and several examinations, which include neurology tests. These include testing your reflexes, coordination skills, mental conditions, sensations, and strengths and weaknesses.

Neurology comprises different fields, such as pediatric, neuro-oncology, neurovascular surgery, and interventional neuroradiology. Pediatric neurologists deal with neurological disorders in children, neuro-oncology treats severe disorders that are cancerous, neurovascular surgery works to manage disorders caused due to strokes, or cerebral disorders, and interventional neuroradiology provides minimal invasive surgery to treat head, neck, or spine injuries.

Neurosurgery also deals with conditions related to the nervous system; however, the difference lies between the treatment methods. This medical field treats medical conditions using minor or major surgical procedures, which are technically advanced and cannot be used by neurology. Various surgical procedures are used to treat head traumas, cerebral disorders, cerebral hemorrhages, brain aneurysms, spinal disc herniation, and peripheral neuropathy. Although, there are differences between these two medical fields, both these methods can be combined to provide medical care to the patients.

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