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Minimal invasive thyroid surgery


Historically, the surgery for thyroid was performed by making a large incision in the region. However, the technical development today makes it possible to perform a thyroid operation using minimal invasive surgery. However, this method is not suitable for all patients and must be determined by the surgeon based on your personal circumstances.

The procedure is known as thyroidectomy and is necessary to remove the gland in case it has grown big and causing neck pressure. Alternatively, this procedure becomes necessary when the gland produces huge quantities of the thyroid hormone or in case the doctor suspects a carcinogenic growth. The following conditions are appropriate for performing minimal invasive thyroidectomy.

A common instance when this minimal invasive surgery procedure is appropriate when a minute lump must be removed to determine if it is cancerous. However, this fine needle biopsy can provide the possibility of cancer. Several reasons suggest the non suitability of this procedure. These include when the nodule is more than two centimeters, or when there is co-existence of diffuse thyroid diseases, such as thyroiditis, or multi nodular disease.

The initial minimal invasive thyroidectomy was conducted using endoscopic procedures. This entailed making three small incisions and using an endoscope inserted through these ports to view the region. However, there are some disadvantages and hence not recommended by physicians. Another method is to make an incision 2.5 centimeters over the central part of the lobe. Freeing the tissue, the doctor is able to glimpse a larger area of the thyroid.

In case, the surgeon is unable to view a larger section of the thyroid then he/she may increase the size of the incision. In the event the doctor fails to do this, the possibility of complications, such as injuring the anatomical structures, the laryngeal nerve, or the parathyroid glands. Excessive bleeding may result in fatal outcomes and hence you must confer with the doctor before deciding to undergo the minimal invasive surgery.

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