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Peripheral arterial disease can cause leg pain


It is very common for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes to complain about leg pain due to poor circulation. However, this is not a common symptom and may be indicative of a bigger problem known as peripheral arterial disease.

Several factors increase the risk of suffering from peripheral arterial disease due to an increased risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. If you are a habitual smoker, you run a fifty percent additional risk of contracting diabetes and high cholesterol levels. You may also be at more risk if you suffer from high blood pressure or are over seventy years old. Additionally, if you have a pre medical history of blocked arteries, such as angina, heart attack, kidney conditions, or strokes, you at more risk of peripheral arterial disease.

Previously, it was common for patients of this kind of diabetes to have to amputate their legs because they ignored the symptoms, such as leg pain, which indicated a more dangerous illness. However, with an increase in the awareness, diabetics no longer dread having to suffer from a stroke, have their legs amputated, or have a heart attack. A common symptom that one should not ignore is claudication, which causes leg pain or cramps. In this situation, an individual may be able to walk some distance before resting and then walk again.

Moreover, as the disease progresses, the patients will feel leg pain even while resting. Additionally, you may lose hair on the legs, your toenails may become brittle, or the skin may become darker. Therefore, it is recommended that any person who complains of poor circulation and leg pain while walking and/or resting must be tested to check for the existence of peripheral arterial disease.

In addition to the medications, it is important to make lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of amputating your legs due to poor circulation. You must quit smoking, maintain your cholesterol levels, keep your hypertension in check, and visit your doctor regularly to reduce the leg pain caused due to peripheral arterial disease.

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