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Tips to care for a sprained ankle


Sprained ankles are common in sports persons; however, common people can also suffer from this kind of an injury. You can suffer from this injury if you only roll your ankle in such a position that results in partial or complete tear of the ligaments. Although, you consider this injury to cause severe pain and discomfort, you can follow certain steps to alleviate the pain.

However, you can avoid this kind of an injury by following some tips. Firstly, it is important to tie the shoe laces tightly before you begin walking. Many people leave their laces loose to enable them to take off and wear their shoes faster. However, a small cause like a tiny stone can catch you off your guard and you may sprain your ankle.

If you are suffering from a sprained ankle, it is recommended you use ice to assist you in reducing the swelling. You must use ice packs for ten minutes every one hour to ensure you do not get a cold injury and faster recovery from the sprain.
Individuals suffering from sore ankles that are not swollen must use ankle boots to demobilize your ankle to prevent further damage. Many people avoid wearing these shoes because of their larger size. However, you need to use these only during those times when you are walking so that you do not harm the sprained ankle further.

One of the most recommended methods to assist you reduce the discomfort from the sprain and strengthening the ankles is to follow ankle exercises. The best exercise includes ankle circle, which requires you to stretch your foot and rotate your ankles in small circles. You must do this exercise for at least five minutes each day to help you strengthen the ankle muscles, which ensures you do not sprain your ankle.

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