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Alternative methods to treat back pain


Diagnosing back pain can be difficult, frustrating, and depressing to both the patients and the physicians. The cause of this soreness can be either an infection in the kidney, slipped disk, injury, incorrect posture, or any other reason. The physician needs to adopt various methods to help diagnose the cause of the problem before providing adequate treatment.

He/she may ask you to take a blood and urine test to check for infections. If this is negative, the physician recommends further tests, such as an ultrasound to eliminate problems associated with the liver, gall bladder, spleen, and kidneys. You may have to go through a MRI to ensure you are not suffering from slipped disk or a cyst. He/she may use an X-ray to ensure you have not injured any bones in the area.

Based on the above tests and the results, the doctor recommends the appropriate treatment. This may include medications, pain killers, or a surgery. He/she may recommend you to a physiotherapist who helps you exercise the injured area and alleviate the back pain.

You may choose for alternative methods, such as getting assistance from chiropractors or osteopaths to get relief from the soreness. Another popular technique used by a large number of individuals is acupuncture, which is effective in overcoming back pain. A fast becoming popular method is Pilates exercises, which can be undertaken at home, using some basic equipment, such as Pilates mat, light weights, and resistance bands. However, before beginning this exercise regime, it is advisable to join Pilates classes to make yourself acquainted with the exercises.

You must make certain lifestyle modifications to overcome back pain. This includes avoiding stress, alcohol, and keeping yourself active. One important factor to bear in mind is not to ignore the pain as this may lead to further harm, which may require medications and/or surgery to overcome the soreness.

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