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Elbow injuries, dislocation and fractures


The joints in a human body act like shock absorbers and are able to absorb the shocks due to a fall, jump, or run. The elbow is an important joint acting like the center of the forearm bones and bones of the upper arm. Therefore, an elbow injury can hamper the motion and mobility of the hand. Senior people and sports players like skiers, mountaineers, and other similar sports persons are more prone to such an injury.

Elbow dislocation generally occurs when a person falls on an extended arm, which results in loss of mobility and chronic pain. Sometimes, the elbow may appear to bend in an awkward position or appears deformed, which needs correct realignment. This procedure must be conducted by an experienced medical expert and requires medications and X-ray as part of the treatment.

Fractures occur when the bones continuity is broken due to a forceful impact. Sometimes other medical conditions like osteoporosis cause the bones to weaken, which leads to fractures. Elbow fractures cause swelling, pain, and bruising and needs immediate medical attention to prevent long term implications. This type of an elbow injury requires time for healing and hence patients will be provided elbow support to quicken the healing procedure.

When the elbow injury is chronic, it will last for more than two weeks, which causes recurring pain, loss of mobility, and stiffness. A common cause of this injury is arthritis that is categorized in three categories, which include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post traumatic arthritis. Another chronic injury is tendinitis, which is the inflammation caused on the tendons. These are tissues connecting bones and the muscles that withstand tension and may become inflamed due to frequent and demanding physical activity. Such chronic injuries can be treated by resting, using ice packs, and compression to prevent the possibility of any long term damage.

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