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Overview of foot injuries


The foot comprises twenty six major bones and a large number of muscle tendons to offer significant strength and tolerance to bear excessive pressure created by weight. It is a very elegant and flexible part that allows us for virtually any type of a movement and allowing us to carry several times more weight than our body weight. However, this body part is prone to overuse and people may suffer a foot injury due to trauma or excess straining.

The nature of the injury can either be obvious or unclear, which can also be acutely traumatic to the lower feet. Some of the common types of foot injuries are sprains, fractures, and strains, which are easily detected through an X-ray. Any of these injuries need to be treated by a qualified and experienced medical expert to ensure no further harm is caused to the foot.

In addition to the above-mentioned injuries, our daily routines can cause some minor but common foot injuries. Repeatedly exposing your feet to overuse can cause disorders, such as blisters, tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, or bursitis. Injuries to this part of the body are also caused due to an incorrect choice of footwear, which creates an additional pressure and straining to your feet leading to feet disorders.

Treating some of the less acute disorders includes resting the injured foot, relieving the swelling by applying ice packs, compression of the foot, and keeping it elevated to reduce the inflammation. Moreover, the physician may prescribe some medications to help relieve the pain while also being beneficial in reducing the swelling. However, one needs to be careful because immobilization and immobility causes muscle atrophy and stiffness of the feet. Therefore, when you are undergoing treatment for foot injury, it is important to continue moving around on your feet even if you need to take the assistance of crutches to get you from one place to another. Healing is a long, slow, and often frustrating process but with adequate care you can prevent long term harm to your feet.

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