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Tennis players often suffer from elbow injuries but they can also be caused from falling on the elbow joint or from car accidents. Orthopedic specialists are able to x-ray the injury to ensure there are no broken bones after which a course of treatment will be recommended. This may be a combination of a few different therapies, including platelet rich plasma treatment, heat therapy, electro stimulation and reflexology. After surgery these treatment speed up recovery and are great for circulation and brain stimulation.

A crushed elbow is a painful and complex injury if it not treated quickly after the initial trauma. Small bone fragments can travel to other parts of the body in the blood stream and may need surgical removal. Minimally invasive surgery can be useful for this type of elbow surgery using only very small slits for incisions like keyhole surgery. Physical therapy can begin much sooner after surgery and hence the recovery is faster. Sports players usually opt for this kind of surgery with the view of getting back to competition sooner.

Golfers elbow has been cropping up amongst middle aged golfers, especially those who take up golf later in life. Many of these people could have had existing injuries they didn’t know about and when they started golf they develop golfers elbow. Golfers elbow is like tennis elbow in that it is a repetitive strain injury it causes small tears in the soft tissue. There are gentle stretching exercises which can heal golfers elbow and prevent it from recurring. A physical therapist can teach patients exercises which they can do at home and special warm ups to do before they play golf.

If you suspect that you have a repetitive strain injury to the elbow from work activities or from recreation, you should get it looked at before it becomes a more serious injury. Pain during movement is a sign that there is a problem developing.

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