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What is Cruciate Ligament Injury


Cruciate ligament injuries occur in the knee joint. The anterior cruciate ligament also called the ACL and the posterior cruciate ligament also known as PCL join the thighbone to the shinbone. The two also serve to stabilize the knee joint. Both ACL and PCL can develop injuries primarily due to rotational forces on the knee.
A cruciate ligament injury may occur when the ACL is overstretched. The injury can also occur when there is a partial or complete tear on the ACL. The knee is like a hinge joint connecting the thigh bone, also known as the femur, to the shinbone or the tibia. Besides the PCL and the ACL, there are two other ligaments that connect the femur to the tibia. These are medium collateral ligament (MCL) and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL). The ACL and the PCL are called cruciate because they cross each other forming an

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