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Common Foot Injury Complaints


Considering the foot is one of the most complex structures in the lower body the potential for injury is quite large. Many different bones make up the foot itself and they interact with each other which is what makes it quite a remarkable appendage of the human body. The foot, unlike other parts of the lower body consists of more bone interaction than the rest of the lower body which has a mere two or three bones interact.

The function of the foot is to absorb the shock of the body’s weight landing on it step after step, jump after jump and so on. If you were running fast, your foot would be supporting up to four times your body weight, and it can put up with up to 1800 foot steps or strikes for every single mile you may walk or run.

Perhaps that is why overuse injuries for all of the lower body are commonly linked to the foot. occurrence with foot injuries. This is almost always due to the way that the foot hits the ground. There is often an abnormality in that action which causes the overuse injury in say, the knee.
When looking at the common injury sites of the foot we can break it into three parts:
forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot.

  • Common forefoot injuries are:
    Turf Toe or First MTP Joint Sprain, Bunions,Hallux Rigidus, Morton’s Neuroma and a Fractured 5th Metatarsal or a Jones’ fracture.
  • Mid foot injuries can include :
    Midtarsal joint sprain, Pes Cavus or Claw foot, Extensoir Tendonitis, and Plantar Fascia Strain.
  • Hind foot Injuries sometimes include:
    Heel Bruising, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and a Fractured Calcaneus.

Whatever the injury or ailment with the patients foot, an orthopedic doctor is able to diagnose, treat and aid in the repairing of the damaged area. With a simple consultation with a specialist in this area, you can be on your way to getting comfort and assistance for your foot related injury.

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