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Common Elbow Injury Problems


One of the most common causes of pain in the elbow area is known as “tennis elbow”. Certainly you can also suffer from a “golfers elbow” as well, this is less common but nevertheless a similar injury. When we overuse the elbow joint we can cause small tears to form along the soft tissue. Places this happens in particular is the area where the tendon anchors to the bone. You can suffer from one of these injuries as a result of a wide variety of sports and not just tennis or golf, you may even suffer from an injury like this from certain occupations.

Should your elbow receive a number of these tears over a period of time, you may feel pain and have a reduced amount of movement through the elbow joint. Depending on where the injury is and the severity of the injury, full recovery from something like this can take anywhere up to six months.

Some of the symptoms of elbow injury can be, but is not restricted to:

  • Pain in the elbow joint, especially when straightening the arm
  • When resting a dull ache is present
  • Should you make a fist, you may experience pain ( medial epicondylitis)
  • when you open and extend your fingers you experience pain (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Perhaps you have soreness around the elbow bump
  • Your grip is weaker than normal
  • When you try and grasp objects perhaps you have difficulty doing so and pain will quickly ensue.

Should you relate to any of the pain and symptoms of the elbow injuries listed above, you should seek advice from a specialist doctor in orthopedics. Usually, once you have met with your orthopedic doctor you can discuss pain management, treatment options and recovery time. Elbow injury is a common compliant amongst the population and can be swiftly dealt with when you make an appointment to see a specialist in elbow injury.

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