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Foot injuries are common in both children and adults from playing sport, wearing the wrong or ill-fitting shoes, abnormal growth spurts and trauma accidents. Dancers and gymnasts are especially prone to injuries of the feet, both of which need to maintain their feet in optimum condition in order to compete. The tools of their trade, their feet are the most important thing for them to look after and maintain. Even slight foot injuries should be examined by a professional orthopedic practitioner as soon as possible, because if you start walking on an injured foot you could make the problem a lot worse.

Prompt treatment of a foot injury requires an x-ray to make sure that nothing is broken and secure strapping to prevent movement before diagnosis. The many small bones in the foot make it easy to miss a break as often there is not a lot of swelling. If it hurts to put weight on your foot after a trauma you should have an x-ray.

The toes are one of the most frequently damaged areas of the feet, especially the big toe. It may be difficult and painful to walk with an injured big toe because it bears most of the body weight when walking. Very severe toe injuries can be corrected with orthopedic surgery especially if they are affecting the ability of the person to walk properly.

If you have pain on the ball of your foot when you are standing or walking, there could be damage to your foot from wearing wrongly fitting or badly made shoes. The longer you have been wearing the shoes the worse the damage usually is. Children are particularly susceptible to this because their feet are growing, it is therefore important that children have their feet checked. Orthopedic specialists treat children with growth abnormalities of the feet with great success using orthopedic surgery and physical therapy to correct bone and muscular problems.

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