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Foot injuries are common in many sports especially in athletics and gymnastics. Professional athletes have regular work done by an orthopedic practitioner to keep their feet in top condition and to check for the development of any abnormalities such as bunions. Stress fractures are also very common with athletes and need careful orthopedic attention to ensure that they heal in proper alignment.

As there are many small bones in the feet, these can easily get injured or become unaligned especially after an ankle injury. A sprained ankle causes undue pressure on the foot and while trying to walk you can damage the small bones in the foot. An orthopedic professional understands the mechanics of the foot and the exact placement of each small bone. With careful gentle manipulations the problem can be rectified and the risk of future repeated injuries is minimized.

Children develop foot problems during their growth spurts, affecting how they walk and run and the development of their back muscles. If you suspect your child has a problem with his gait or posture, some physical therapy could rectify the problem. The whole body needs to be checked because problems do not always stem from the painful area. A chiropractor can check your child’s feet to make sure they are developing properly. If your children complain of foot pain after sports, see a chiropractor as soon as possible.

There are many different causes for foot pain and it can be hard sometimes to determine the reason for your pain. Orthopedic diagnosis is a science which understands how we fit together and how one part affects another. A misaligned hip can case foot pain for instance.

A neglected foot injury can cause posture and back problems quite quickly if the injury is not treated properly. Wearing badly fitting shoes can also foot injury and later back problems. Orthopedic physical therapy treats all types of foot injuries; even old injuries which healed badly that can be fixed over time.

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