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Leg pain can be from a multitude of causes due to conditions that are related to the bones, the joints, the muscles and tendons, the nerves and the skin of the leg. The pain is usually due to inflammation and the source of the pain may not be obvious to the sufferer. A thorough diagnosis is necessary to determine the source of the pain so that a treatment can be recommended.

Back problems can also be the cause of leg pain as the sciatic nerve which runs down each leg comes from the lower back area. Treatment to the lower back can relieve both leg and back pain when this is the cause.

There is also leg pain which is caused from the blood flow in the legs and can lead to blocked narrowed arteries. Smokers often suffer from leg pain when they over exert themselves like climbing long stairways or running and walking uphill. If you suffer pain in the legs when you run, it is likely there is a problem with your vascular system. Rest will usually relieve the pain in the short term however therapy is needed to heal the problem.

Athletes can get hamstring injuries when running which lead to quite severe leg pain if they try to use their leg after the injury. Complete rest is needed to repair the hamstring and physical therapy sessions to restore mobility and prevent future reoccurrences of the injury.

Dancers can suffer from leg pain due to overuse injury of the shin bone or the ankle joint or both. Hairline fractures can appear which cause pain to the dancer during and after a performance. This is usually a sign that the dancer is applying too much pressure or is dancing for too long without a break. Teachers and trainers need to draw attention to this habit before it causes a serious problem.

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