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Symptoms Associated With Foot Injury


Our feet, most probably, get the most stress among all parts of our body considering the location in our anatomy. It’s like the shock absorber of the body. Our feet is a pair of complex mechanical structures in our anatomy which consists of up to 52 bones, 66 small joints, over two hundred tendons, muscles and ligaments.

Our foot has three subdivisions: hindfoot, midfoot, and the forefoot. Ankle is the main part of our hindfoot and the toes form the forefoot. The midfoot is dominated by the arches of the foot. Together, these parts form the strong and complex structures that bear the weight of our body.

Severe injuries to our foot can spell disaster to the entire body. If left unattended, it will lead to a more serious problem that would result to permanent disability. The most common foot problems include sprained ankle, broken ankle, metatarsal fracture, tibialis posterior pain, snowboarder’s ankle, high ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, lisfranc joint injury and os trigonum syndrome.

By far, the most common foot injury among athletes is sprained ankle. It occurs when the soft tissue of the ligaments is damaged around the ankle joint. Symptoms manifesting in this kind of injury usually come in the form of swelling and pain. Another common foot injury is a broken ankle which is often caused by a traumatic road accident, bad fall and accidental twisting while engaging in highly physical contact sports. Symptoms associated with this injury include swelling and deformity, pain and possibly loss of function.

The common symptoms shared by most other foot injuries mentioned above are pain, swelling and stiffness or immobility. Most severe cases of foot injury can permanently disable a person especially after a traumatic vehicular accident. If you experience any of the symptoms above, consult immediately a qualified orthopedic specialist for immediate medical attention.

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