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Why Do People Suffering MSDs Need Orthopedic Therapist?


As we enter the information technology age, more and more people work in a sedentary setting. While keeping their regular office job, they also get home-based job to primarily support a growing family and a lifestyle that require them to earn more. A home-based job is usually in the form of an online or internet-based work. Most often than not, they sit for long hours facing the computer screens and most of the times, forget or deliberately skip their meals.

As soon as they get home from office, they go straight to their computer and start to work again. Most often, they will stay in front of their computer for more than five hours on end before they realize they have overworked their muscles. The shoulders and the base of the neck begin to hurt. The tingling sensation and the stiffness in the neck are just a few of the symptoms characteristics of a MSD or musculoskeletal disorder.

The most common symptoms associated with musculoskeletal disorders are muscle cramp, numbness in lower limbs, stiff neck, weakness in the arms, hands and fingers, tingling sensation in the shoulder joints, aches and pain in some joints, tenderness in overused muscles and in some cases, swelling.

As you can see, most of the musculoskeletal disorders develop over time after repetitive work over a long period of time. The risk of getting a musculoskeletal disorder is often exacerbated by poor working conditions at home such as improper lighting, unsuitable furniture and pressure to meet deadline.

When you feel any of the symptoms above, see your orthopedic specialist immediately for a possible physical therapy treatment before any serious condition will develop. Orthopedic physical therapist is a highly skilled practitioner who can diagnose as well as manage and treat musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

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