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What causes foot injury and pain?


The foot is found in many vertebrates. It is an anatomical structure which in many animals it is a separate organ at the terminal part of the leg. The foot is the portion the limb that bares the wait and facilitates locomotion. This organ is made up of one or more segments or bones which also include nails or claws.

There are so many conditions that can cause foot injury. The most common causes of foot pain can be a disease or an acute or repeated trauma. This trauma can be caused by forces from the outside of the body either directly or indirectly. These forces put the body in a position where there are possibilities of damaging some structures in the foot. High heeled shoes and shoes that fit tightly can cause pain around the balls of the feet and the bones. These shoes can also result in bruising of the feet therefore causing pain.

Ligament sprains, muscle strains and fractures are injuries that come about unexpectedly. These injuries can be as a result of stress to the foot. Sprain of the foot occur when the ligaments that hold the bones jointly are overstretched and sometimes their fiber tears. Due to the tears, the ligament becomes loose in the joints which lead to foot pain.

Plantar warts which are normally found on the base of the foot, caused by viruses, causes exasperation to the foot. Another form of irritation can be caused by fungus as it is the case in athlete’s foot. Ingrown toenails occur when the nail overgrows ending up in the skin, results in irritation and sometimes can cause infections.

Not knowing the right size of shoes to wear can cause foot pain. If you wear shoes that do not fit you properly you will end up having blisters, calluses, or bruising which will make you prone to athlete’s foot. Irritation of nerves and joints, bunions, corns, misalignment of toes, leads to micro-trauma injuries to the foot.

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