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How the hand suffers a carpal tunnel injury


Basically, carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a condition brought about by an inflammation of the median nerve. The median nerve lies in the carpal tunnel made of ligaments and bones. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive strain injury that affects the hand and the wrist. The condition is usually a result of an overuse of hands and fingers to perform strenuous activities repeatedly for a long time.
When the median nerve inside the carpal tunnel is compressed due to repetitive activities such as typing on a keyboard, the hand suffers a carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome is exhibited by limited or improper functioning of the median nerve. The compression of the nerve occurs because the carpal tunnel has one side made of an inflexible ligament which is likely to get squished due to a buildup of pressure in the carpal tunnel.

Squishing of the median nerve affects the performance of your hands and fingers in several ways. You will experience painful sensations, numbness, or tingling sensations that will limit the hands or fingers normal performance. Carpal tunnel syndrome is experienced differently by different people. For example, while most people experience pain on the hands or wrists, others feel tingling sensations or numbness on particular sections of the hands. These symptoms are usually experienced at night or while typing or driving. The feeling can be relieved temporarily by shaking the affected hand or extending the whole arm.

Besides repetitive actions, carpal tunnel syndrome may also arise from conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and pregnancy among others. The condition can be avoided by using keyboards with soft keys for those who type for long hours. People who work in shops or factories where there is a lot of lifting objects should occasionally rest to avoid the syndrome. Sports activities such as weightlifting and racquet games are also likely to cause carpal tunnel syndrome effects to the hands.

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