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Common hand injuries


Our hands are the most common parts of the body that are used very frequently. It is rarely possible when people are not using their hands, which increases the possibility of injuring these parts. There are several types of hand injuries and below we discuss some of the most common of these injuries.

The commonest hand injury is the carpal tunnel, which is also known as the typist condition due to extended use of a typewriter or the keyboard. The main reason for this symptom is the way the hand is placed while making repetitive typing and other movements. The hand contains the carpal tunnel that is made up of nerves and tendons through the bones and ligaments at the hands’ base. Due to the inflammation of the tendons, the median nerve becomes compressed which causes numbness and pain.

Another common condition is the writers’ cramp that results in irregular handwriting due to uncontrolled muscle spasms. This condition is common while you are performing the activity and is gone when you stop this activity. Osteoarthritis is a specific type of arthritis that affects the fingers and the wrist. The cushioning cartilage wears that exposes the bone that causes pain when rubbed together leading to permanent damage of the joints.

With repetitive gripping movements, the tendons grow narrower those results in lesser fluid flow, which glides the tendon while making the movement. This may cause your joint to click, which eventually may cause the catching of the fingers and their release with a pop. Another hand injury is tendonitis, which is a very painful condition where the tendon connecting the muscle tissues and the bones are inflamed. These commonly occur in the wrists due to repeated movements or sprains, which injure the tendon. All these hand injuries are preventable with regular exercises and simple stretching.

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