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Some common hand injuries


Our hands are one of the most used body parts by individuals and hence are more prone to injuries. You use your hands for almost all the activities, which makes these one of the most important body parts. Below we discuss some of the most common hand injuries and treating these injuries.

The carpal tunnel is one of the commonest hand injuries, which is caused due to long hours of typing or working with repeated movements. The carpal tunnel connects the nerves and tendons through the ligaments and bones to the base of our hands. This symptom occurs when the median nerve is compressed thus causing pain, weakness, and numbness.

Another syndrome is the writer’s cramp, which is caused due to undertaking repeated movements, such as writing. This injury causes muscular spasms, which may affect the precision of your activity. Generally, the pain occurs while performing the activity and ceases when you discontinue the activity. Therefore, it is also referred to as focal hand dystonia.

Osteoarthritis occurs within the joints, which affects the wrist and the fingers. The cartilage that protects the bones wears, which leaves your bones exposed. The exposed bones cause acute pain when these rub together, which results in permanent hand injury.

Another common hand injury is the trigger finger, which occurs when the tendons narrows due to repeated gripping movements. This causes lesser amount of fluid to enable the gliding of the tendon, which causes the finger to click at the joint. In severe cases this condition may cause the catching and releasing of the fingers with a catch or the finger getting locked in a bent position.

A very painful condition is tendonitis, which is caused when the tendons connecting muscle tissue with the bones is inflamed. Repeated movements and sprains are common causes of this condition and generally occurs in the wrists.

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